Important questions you should be asking yourself before seeking out non invasive anti-aging procedures

  1. Why have you decided to have this procedure? This helps us understand your reasons and allows us to set realistic expectations for what treatments are going to benefit you the most.

  2. Are you being realistic in how you perceive your results? Do you want a refreshed natural look or is your goal to look years younger? Do you want to change your features or enhance them? When injectables are used correctly they shouldn’t alter your physical image but only enhance your natural features. It is very important to set realistic expectations between yourself and your injector.


1. why do you not offer consultations? texas medical board only allow physicians, physician assistant/nurse practitioners to perform consults. Dr. desai and btla med spa use telemedicine to help facilitate patient treatment(s)and recommendations.

2. how long should I wait between BOTOX/Dysport treatments? it is important to wait at least 90 days in between dysport treatments and 120 days between botox treatments. these products can become less effective if you treat to soon.

3. do you offer Dysport/Botox treatments to pregnant/nursing mothers? Unfortunately, we do not offer any injectable treatment(s) to pregnant/nursing mothers. Dr.desai will not approve or recommend Botox, dysport or dermal fillers for pregnant/nursing mothers.

I HAVE BEEN BENT and broken BUT I HOPE INTO A better shape